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Protex-H: Helps to prevent Jet Lag


Protex-H tablets are safe, easy to take and contain properly measured and titrated levels of the Heat Shock Protein (HSP) Stimulating Factor Tex-OE® derived from the skin of the prickly pear by a patented extraction process. Practical experience has shown that it helps the body to deal with the stress from jet lag and many sporting activities.

First developed to help prevent fatigue for commercial scuba divers in the Mediterranean, Protex-H was subsequently found, by international air travellers, to have remarkable effects in preventing jet lag, the scourge of modern air travel.

In addition to reducing the uncomfortable effects of air travel, Protex-H can also be used by athletes to improve their resistance to physical stress and reduce recovery time after heavy training or endurance sports including running a marathon, a triathlon event, scuba diving, boxing, skiing, swimming, mountain biking and many others.

How to use Protex-H

The foil packaged Protex-H tablets should be taken two hours before the anticipated stress at a rate of one per 10 stone/140lbs/60kg in body weight. Avoid citrus drinks or fruit for at least 2 hours before and after taking Protex-H.

Taking the correct number of Protex-H tablets is important in avoiding jet lag. Be careful not to take less than required by your weight as Protex-H will not work otherwise.

Accepted as a functional food in the European Union, each pack contains 12 tablets which is enough for six average doses. Each dose is effective in preventing jet lag for up to three days. Find out more about how Protex-H can combat Jet Lag.




Protex-H® is a registered trademark of Bradan Limited.